Maintenance & Prevention

Maintenance to facilitate prevention is the best way to avoid emergency call outs that hinder you tenants and you with late night or inconveniently timed calls just to be told you have an issue to resolve .   We have the extensive experience and skills required to carry out electrical inspection and testing of all existing wiring in yours or your clients rental properties, in accordance with current Wiring Regulations.



Managing the compliance and safety aspect of the electrics in rented domestic dwellings is critical. Without compliance to regulations, you may face penalties, insurance problems and unsafe electrical equipment may lead to dangerous situations for your tenants and their families.

Fortunately, with our Electrical Maintenance package, you can be confident that your properties remain safe, compliant and fit for purpose, at all times.

What’s included?

Managing the facilities of your properties can be a big task, especially if you have a large portfolio, so let Hinckley Electricians take care of all aspects of electrical inspection and testing to ensure that your premises are safe, complying with regulations and providing a safe home for your tenants.

In our electrical maintenance package, we carefully assess all of your existing electrical elements and build a bespoke support package that meets all your properties requirements. Aspects that can be added to the package include;


  • Electrical lighting testing
  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
  • Electrical condition reports
  • Inspection and testing in accordance with Wiring Regulations
  • Emergency lighting
  • Burglar alarm testing
  • Exterior electric accessory testing
Bespoke tailored solutions for your needs

Once we have discussed your requirements, we then provide a quotation for the works, paid per service or as a monthly fee to cover all of your electrical needs. We will then arrange all our visits around your tenants requirements and can even deal direct with them to save you another job.

During our service, we will note down retesting dates and schedule helpful reminders so that you are always kept up to date, and your business is always compliant.




  •  Tailored solutions based on yours and your properties requirements.
  •  Expert advice from highly-qualified engineers and a dedicated account manager.
  •  Reminders and due diligence to keep your business compliant with law.
  •  Minimum disruption to tenants
  • Direct scheduling with tenants to free up your time.
  •  Remedial work conducted to minimise disruption  and to keep costs down.
  •  Peace of mind of a well-functioning electrical system to allow you to rest assured you are providing properties that iare safe.
  • Emergency fault call outs included in your package so you are covered 24/7.