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Are you looking for a way to deter thieves, protect your property and monitor activity for health and safety purposes? CCTV is a proven method for both homes and businesses of all types.

For peace of mind Hinckley Electricians offer home and business owners remote view systems designed to suit their exacting needs.

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Hinckley Electricians has been providing home and business CCTV and security in Leicestershire & Warwickshire with design expertise and highly competent installation by City & Guilds fully accredited professional electrician.  We’re a family run firm and we understand the importance of feeling secure in your home and how important it is to protect your business premises.

Our Leicestershire and Warwickshire CCTV design and installation service covers:

  • CCTV systems that commence recording when motion or heat is detected
  • Continuously recording CCTV
  • Infra-red CCTV for night time recording
  • Interior and exterior CCTV systems
  • Wired and wireless CCTV
  • Privacy and data protection signage
  • remote viewing systems allowing your to monitor your premises on the go via phone or any internet enabled device

Whether you are looking for CCTV that records onto a hard drive, CDs or DVDs or a flash drive, we have the solution to suit your needs. All systems are privacy and Data Protection compliant.

CCTV: System Design – Installation – Supply Only – Repairs – Maintenance

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